The culmination of a decade's passion and commitment.
The work of a professional creative.
What would I need to sacrifice in return for the perceived security of having a job for the next 12 months?

January 2022

What stopped me from posting for so long?

October 2021

Can you give your audience a peek behind the curtain?
Comparing artists who treat the launch of their project as the starting line or the finishing line.

September 2021

Your critical advantage could be the thing you find the easiest and most fun.

August 2021

and the one-hit wonder
The New Zealand band that rolled up their sleeves to find some new fans
What gift will you create for the people and the places that mean the most to you?
You don’t need to be an Oompa Loompa to know that you don’t turn down a chance to work in a chocolate factory.
James Lapine was eleven years old when he saw his first Broadway show, Bye Bye Birdie.